COVID-19 - Ways to Help/Resources

Ways to Help

BetterThanZero - Forming a union and making demands of your employer is the most effective way to make your voice heard during this pandemic. Getting in touch with us will help us form a picture of the situation here in Scotland. We also have a short survey is designed to give us a first impression of how workplaces are affected - Survey

LivingRent - LivingRent are helping facilitate Coronavirus Community Support groups. If you either need support or are able to provide support to others, sign up here:, they are also organising in response to the measures being introduced.

Unite Hospitality - We are working closely with Unite Hospitality in their support of Hospitality Workers.


STUC/Support and Advice Page -

BetterThanZero Blog (Dated 17th March) -

BetterThanZero Blog (Dated 5th March)-

TUC Guidance for Unions -

Government Page on Sick Pay Entitlement -

NHS COVID-19 Advice -

Blog with some useful tips for University Students -