More Time, More Control

At a time of rising exploitation, this campaign aims at shifting time and control back in favour of precarious workers.

Bosses will reduce paid time to the minimum that they can get away with. All too often, trial shifts, training, overtime and out of office work go unpaid. Shifts and schedules are used as a means of control – keeping us at the mercy of bosses. Restaurant

and bar workers are ordered to clean after closing hours. Carers drive between clients in their own time. Couriers have to wait in the cold for the next order. University teaching assistants have to prepare lessons and answer emails unpaid.

We are exposing unpaid hours and heavy time discipline, and supporting workers to demand more paid time and control. We have been talking about tactics with casual university workers, gathering information about working hours with Deliveroo riders, and running courses on getting your due.

The campaign is informed by this report into collectivising in precarious work, called Time, Control, Trust, published by the Scottish Trades Union Congress last year. For more info, email Sherene.


Cat Calling It Out

This campaign highlights the sexual harassment faced by many workers in the services sector. In the words of one of the campaigners, Eilis O’Keefe: “The campaign has taken direct action around Glasgow, with activists speaking to workers to raise awareness and provide support to collectivise against sexual harassment and victimisation at work.

Campaigners took action to challenge a culture of harassment at Cineworld venues, as well as numerous smaller restaurants across Glasgow.

If you have experienced sexual harassment at work and want to speak out in confidence, or if you want to join the campaign to call it out.